Adgrizzly Review: Scam Alert—Earn $80 Per 1,000 Views

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Have you ever heard about this new site Adgrizzly? We bet you haven’t heard about it, because it is still fresh. Therefore, we want to alert you about this site.

Adgrizzly claims to be the highest-paying URL shortener service. In other words, you can shorten, share, and earn money just by using their service for free.

Let me look at it right now!

But first, let’s talk about URL before we dive deeper to learn more about Adgrizzly.

What is a URL?

In short, every time you open a site, you’re connecting to a resource somewhere on the internet through a URL. It stands for Uniform Resource Locator—you’re welcome.

This URL serves as a unique resource. It can be an HTML page, an image, and many more. In other words, it is a mechanism used by browsers to show any published materials on the internet.

But, here’s an interesting question.

Why do you need a URL shortener service in the first place? Well, because a lot of URLs are way too long. Therefore, you want to shorten it to keep it short (of course) and sweet.

There are a lot of URLs shortener services out there. Bitly, Tinyurl, Shorturl, and Cuttly are the big names you might have heard of before. But now, you got another option, and that is Adgrizzly.

Let me look at it right now!

What is Adgrizzly?

Adgrizzly Home

Now, let’s look at what Adgrizzly promised on their site. As you can see, they stated clearly on their home page that you can earn up to $80 per 10.000 views. 

At first, it sounds too good to be true. But, this is where everything gets more interesting. Adgrizzly will reward you if someone clicks on your link. Read again. You’ll get paid when someone clicks on your link.

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Let me look at it right now!

How to make money with Adgrizzly?

You can get paid in three simple steps. Firstly, you need to open an account. Secondly, you need to shorten your link. Third and most importantly, you can earn money by sharing your short links with your friends.

Moreover, you get paid for every click! Isn’t it amazing? Our first question is, how is this possible? 

Adgrizzly Publisher Rates

Well, it turns out that there are publisher rates behind this site. Adgrizzly is using pay per view based on the country of your visitors. For example, if your visitors are from the United States, you’ll get $8 per 1.000 views.

There are ten publisher rates available on Adgrizzly. As for the other countries not on the list, you’ll earn $3 per 1.000 views.

Let me look at it right now!

What’s the best method to utilize Adgrizzly?

CPAGrip Home

Our best recommendation is to combine it with CPAGrip. It’s an industry-leading affiliate network where you can promote a link with high converting offers. 

However, the link you’ll get to promote through CPAGrip will be unreasonably long and untidy. That’s where Adgrizzly comes in.

Here’s how it works.

Firstly, you find high converting offers on CPAGrip. We suggest you look at the top ten countries with the highest publisher rates on Adgrizzly.

Secondly, you may want to use Adgrizzly to shorten the long URLs. This link will be your tracking link for both sites.

Third and most importantly, you will create a design or landing page to promote your link and share it on social media, emails, and any possible way you want.

Therefore, you’ll be getting two possible streams of income. One from CPAGrip if you get the action done. And another stream is coming from Adgrizzly when someone clicks on your offers.

Let me look at it right now!


In conclusion, we want you to be careful with this new, unexpected site because it can accelerate the way you make money online. Above all, you’re getting the best scenario from both CPAGrip and Adgrizzly.

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CPAGrip will pay you if you get actions from your offers. On the other hand, Adgrizzly will pay you for each click using their URL shortener service.

This strategy is still fresh, and we are sharing this with you as our readers. If you find this post helpful, make sure to leave a comment, and subscribe to our newsletter.

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