DevsShopOnline Review: Should You Try Their Service?

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In this DevsShopOnline review, let’s find out if you should try their service in terms of website design.

Even though there are many platforms people can use to create a website, most of the time, people can’t do it alone. That’s why there are many web design services on Fiverr, Freelancer, and many more.

However, one day we came across a website called DevsShopOnline, which offers a UI and UX website design service to create a beautiful and engaging design. We thought this would be great to write a review about services like this on our site.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

What is DevsShopOnline?

DevsShopOnline is a UI/UX web design agency that claims to provide high-quality web design to its customers. As stated on their home page, DevsShopOnline’s team has over 8 years of experience in UI/UX design and has been implementing their skills to create a beautiful website for their customers.

Take a look at one example of their work.

DevsShopOnline Review - Portfolio

As you can see, the website layout looks pretty clean and neatly spaced to give a resting point between each section. The use of white space is an essential part of the UI/UX when designing a website. Otherwise, it will be crowded and have too much information.

How to Order From DevsShopOnline?

DevsShopOnline Review - How to Order
How to Order

There are four steps to ordering a website design service from DevsShopOnline:

  1. Place your order. You can select how you want your website to look like be by placing an order based on their pricing plan. We will cover more about this in the pricing section.
  2. Complete the questionnaire. To fully understand your website request, DevsShopOnline will ask you to fill up a questionnaire. You can also leave them with a custom request for your website.
  3. Executing your order. After receiving your questionnaire, DevsShopOnline’s team will start working on your website. If they need more information, they will contact you through email.
  4. Order delivery. Once your order is finished, DevsShopOnline’s team will contact you through the email address you have provided and deliver your result.
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Judging by the process, DevsShopOnline will work closely with you to design your website. This is a plus point for a web design agency service becauseā€”based on our experience, some freelancers do not take this process seriously and just create whatever is written on the brief without consulting.

Here are a few testimonials worth reading from their customers.

DevsShopOnline Review: Pricing

DevsShopOnline Review - Pricing

Based on the pricing plan, you have three different packages to choose from BasicStandard, and Premium. The Basic package provides you with a single-page design at $299. We believe this package is suitable for a landing page or funnel design without complex information.

The Standard package will cost you $699, and you will get 3 pages, while the Premium package will cost you $1,199. Even though it is a bit pricey, we don’t know if these packages are included with hosting or only for design.

However, we think the delivery time is good enough since you can get your website design ready within 4-8 days after you place an order. The best part of their service is none other than the number of revisions you get. Even though the Premium package allows you to get an unlimited revision, we believe 5x revision is more than enough to get your desired website design.

DevsShopOnline Review: Affiliate Program

DevsShopOnline also has its own affiliate program that gives a 20% commission for every sale you make. You can receive your commission at the end of every month. Currently, the payment threshold is $100.

While anyone can join and apply to be an affiliate, the commission will be paid via PayPal, which might be difficult for several countries that do not allow PayPal transactions.

Generally speaking, this is a good practice to expand your network and promote other businesses to your audience. It’s a win-win solution for us. However, we think the payment threshold is too high because at $100, it’s either you need to make 2 sales of their Basic plan or 1 sale of their Standard and Premium plan.

DevsShopOnline Review: Pros and Cons

Before you read our conclusion, we’d like to give you a few things to consider before trying DevsShopOnline’s service.

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  • Simple ordering process.
  • DevsShopOnline provides a questionnaire to understand potential client’s needs, which is essential in a web design service.
  • 5x revision is a great offer. Usually, a freelancer limits their revision to around 2x or 3x.
  • 8 days delivery time is also a great offer.
  • An affiliate program offer is a great move to create a snowball effect for customers.


  • DevsShopOnline’s website doesn’t seem to apply what they’re doing as a service.
  • Price-wise it is a bit pricey.
  • There is no statement if the design is included with the hosting plan.


To summarize our DevsShopOnline review, we leave it back to you to try their service or not. However, if you plan to try, we recommend starting with the Basic plan to see how the process works. You can always ask for additional add-ons if you think it is not suitable for your business. All we can say is the team is highly cooperative and helpful in providing the best service to their customers.


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