Voice-Over Problems? You Are Going to Love Speechlo

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Nowadays, you need a voice-over if you want to create a video. Many people rely on voice-over artists to do this.

Voice-over Problems

If you’ve ever tried to create a video with voice-over, you’ve likely discovered:

– Freelance Voice-over Artists are expensive
– It can take days for them to deliver
– ‘Text To Speech’ sounds like a lifeless Robot

So it’s down to paying for ‘talent’ or doing it yourself?

But NOT anymore!

There is a brand new software has just been released that will:

– Create beautiful, natural-sounding voice-overs
– Add Pauses, Inflections, and Tone
– Make Listeners believe it’s a real human talking

Everything will be done under a minute, with just a few clicks!

Should you buy this Voice-Over Software?

Before we answer that question, let’s look at what we expect from an A.I. software for this kind of service.

Firstly, it should have at least ten different voices. Like finding the right talent for specific videos, we need more alternatives to find the most suitable voice.

Secondly, we might only need English as the primary language for voice-over, but since this is A.I. based software, then having more languages such as Japanese, Korean, French, and even Spanish is fundamental to justify its cost.

Thirdly, we already know that this software can add pauses, and inflections and adjust the tone. But what’s more important is the ability to customize its speed and pitch.

Unless this software meets all three criteria above, we wouldn’t recommend it to you. But fortunately, this fantastic software covers everything we expect from A.I. software.

In conclusion, what’s our answer? Yes. We recommend it. And we believe you’ll agree with us after seeing this video.

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