For those of you who want a credit card full of advantages that will bring many benefits when making purchases inside or outside the country, and is equipped with a widely accepted brand, the American Express Green Card is the right card for you. 

The card’s main benefits include:

  • Rewards: Card points can be redeemed for air travel, hotel vouchers, gift cards, and other rewards.
  • Travel Insurance: Trip cancellation or interruption, baggage delay, international health insurance, and car rental insurance.
  • Travel Services: Hotel reservations, car rentals, and travel assistance.


How to apply for the American Express Green Card?

American Express is a reliable and secure company. The company offers a variety of high-quality financial products and services and has a long history of reliability.

You can apply for your American Express Green Card online on the dedicated website, where you quickly fill out a form and submit it with the necessary information to make the request. Approval is very fast.

Want more details about the American Express Green Card and how to apply for it? 

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