For those of you looking for a good credit card that brings advantages and conveniences, the BMO World Elite MasterCard is the right choice in the market, providing everything you need with a fast approval process for customers.

Issued by BMO, you have a card from a reliable bank, and you can enjoy all it has to offer in terms of advantages, knowing that your data and credit are secure with the bank.


Follow the article and learn more details about the BMO World Elite MasterCard and how you can get yours.

What Are the Advantages of the BMO World Elite Mastercard?

The BMO World Elite MasterCard is a credit card that has already been awarded mainly because of all the advantages it brings to customers.


Check out a list of the benefits it has to offer and find out if it’s worth having the BMO World Elite MasterCard.

Points System

The points system of the BMO World Elite Mastercard is one of the most generous in the market. 

You earn 5 points per eligible travel dollar spent, including airfare, hotels, car rentals, and tourist activities.

You also earn 3 points per dollar spent on restaurants, entertainment, and recurring bills.

BMO Rewards points can be redeemed for airfare, hotel bookings, enriching travel experiences, and more. 

You can transfer your points to airline and hotel loyalty programs, or you can use them to purchase goods and services on the BMO website.

Travel Coverage

The BMO World Elite Mastercard offers comprehensive travel coverage that includes various aspects.

It includes trip cancellation insurance, which covers non-refundable travel expenses in situations not covered by travel insurance.

Additionally, the card offers flight delay insurance, covering food and accommodation expenses in cases of delays exceeding six hours.

To ensure the safety of your belongings, there is also insurance for lost or damaged baggage, covering replacement costs.

In terms of well-being during international travel, the BMO World Elite Mastercard includes medical insurance that covers medical expenses resulting from illnesses or accidents during the trip.

These benefits aim to provide greater peace of mind to cardholders in various situations during their journeys.

BMO Rewards

BMO Rewards represents an exclusive rewards program designed to enhance the experience of BMO World Elite Mastercard cardholders.

This innovative program offers users the opportunity to accumulate valuable points with every purchase made with the card.

Points earned through BMO Rewards go beyond traditional boundaries, providing cardholders with a wide range of redemption options.

Available rewards include airfare to desired destinations, reservations at renowned hotels, enriching travel experiences, and a variety of other exciting benefits.

By using the BMO World Elite Mastercard, cardholders not only enjoy the inherent privileges of the card but also have the opportunity to turn their everyday purchases into memorable experiences.


The BMO World Elite Mastercard offers a variety of security features, including:

  • Purchase protection: This coverage protects you against loss, theft, or damage to goods purchased with the card.
  • Identity protection: This coverage provides support for identity protection, including credit monitoring and fraud alerts.
  • Concierge service: This service offers personalized assistance for reservations, travel planning, and more.

Additional Benefits

The BMO World Elite Mastercard stands out as a premium credit card, providing a diverse range of additional benefits.

Among these advantages, interest-free charging for 60 days is noteworthy, offering the option to spread your purchases over that period without incurring interest fees.

Additionally, the card provides the convenience of renting cars without the need to leave a cash deposit, ensuring practicality and flexibility for cardholders.

Furthermore, the BMO World Elite Mastercard includes comprehensive insurance for damage to rented cars in the event of an accident, providing peace of mind and protection during your travels.

What Is Required to Open an Account?

To get your BMO World Elite Mastercard, you must have an account with BMO. To do so, you need to meet some requirements:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Have not declared bankruptcy in the last seven years.
  • Have reached the legal age in the province where you reside (18 years in AB, MB, ON, PE, QC, and SK; 19 years in all other provinces).
  • Meet the minimum income requirements.

With these requirements, you can get your credit card and also open your bank account with no issues.

How Do I Apply for My BMO World Elite Mastercard?

Want to apply for your BMO World Elite Mastercard credit card? Here’s how to proceed to get approval:

  • Access the dedicated BMO World Elite Mastercard page. 
  • Choose the “Apply Now” option.
  • Enter your account and password. Remember that to have the BMO World Elite Mastercard, you need to be a bank customer.
  • If you’re not already, you have the option to open your account directly on the bank’s page and enjoy its benefits more fully.
  • After entering your account and password, you’ll need to fill out a form with your personal information.
  • Then, also fill in your documents.
  • Continue and provide information about your income and employment.
  • Submit the application to the bank.

Now, you’ll need to wait for the credit analysis to be conducted on your profile, and then you’ll receive approval for your BMO World Elite Mastercard. 

Keep in mind that it will be sent to the address you provided in your application.

With this, it’s easier to access the BMO World Elite Mastercard and enjoy all the advantages it offers.

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Useful information

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