Entireweb Review: Scam Alert—Can You Earn $0.20 Per Click?

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Hello everyone. Today we are going to talk about Entireweb. You probably haven’t heard about this site before.

But, you can earn up to $0.20 for every click if someone is searching through their service.

How to do it? Let’s find out.

What is Entireweb Search Engine?


In short, it’s a search engine alternative other than Google, Bing, and many others.

Here’s a surprising fact you should know. You already know Google is the most used search engine in the world. But, did you know how many people are using it?

90 billion people are using Google every month.

That’s a lot of people!

So, based on our analysis, Entireweb is trying to earn a portion of this 90 billion through their affiliate program.

How? By paying people to use their search engine.

Entireweb Stats

Based on our research, the number of visitors to Entireweb is around 230,000 – 240,000 every month. The number actually doubles from December 2021 to January 2022.

In other words, we believe the number will keep growing from now on.

Why do we recommend it?

Firstly, it’s blazing fast.

But, we suspect this happened because they don’t have as much site indexing as Google or any other search engine platform.

Secondly, they have a lot of tools to offer, and most of them are similar to Google.

  • Domain Submission (FREE)
  • SEO Tools (FREE)
  • Site Widgets (FREE)
  • Site Analytics (FREE)
  • Advertise on Admarket
  • Business Directory
  • Affiliate Program
  • Access to Articles

However, all of these offers are not integrated. Therefore, you need to register for each provided tool.

Moreover, you’re going to be exposed to a lot of advertising banners and popups while you’re doing it.

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If you explore their site, make sure to visit the Entireweb instant indexing and utilize the Entireweb free submission for your website.

How do you make money with Entireweb?

So, this is the point why you’re reading this post, isn’t it?

Based on our research, there are two ways to do it.

1. Join their affiliate program for free.

Firstly, Entireweb is powered by an affiliate tracking software named Post Affiliate Pro. This software tracks every referral, click, and sale that happens through your affiliate links.

So, let’s say a visitor clicks on your affiliate link or a banner on your site.

They will pay for the first initial click. But, more importantly, every click that happens throughout the process.

How much does it pay for every click? Up to $0.20 per click!

But, the downside is that they don’t have any information about their click rates.

Above all, all earnings will be paid through PayPal with a minimum payout of $50.

And the bottom line?

What you need to do as an affiliate is to send visitors to Entireweb through your affiliate link. That’s it.

2. Recruit sub-affiliates to join you.

The second way to make money using this site is to recruit sub-affiliates to join you as your downline. However, the process is a bit different.

To recruit your sub-affiliate, you need to promote a different link.

The link will direct you to their sign-up form, where you can fill in all the needed information.

But, if you’re experienced with coding your site, you can create a sign-up form and a login form, so your sub-affiliates can log in through your site.

How to track your performance?

Entireweb Dashboard

Above all, the backend system is as good as it says—as you can see above. You can see the number of clicks, impressions, CTR, and your sales count through their professional dashboard.

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You’ll also get access to several stats, such as:

  • Quick stats
  • Trends report
  • Commissions
  • Raw clicks
  • Payout
  • Channel stats report
  • Top referrer URL

This way, you can optimize your strategy to drive traffic to the Entireweb. In other words, to earn more money.

How to effectively promote Entireweb?

But, how to promote it effectively? Well, here are a few ways to promote it.

1. You can put your affiliate link on a traffic rotator service.

We put it on three different sites, Traffic Ad Bar, LeadsLeap, Herculist, and our best recommendation: The Click Engine.

After that, we surf those sites to promote our link, and that’s it.

If you need more explanation on how to use these sites, we suggest you read one of our previous posts.

2. Share your link on social media.

We use Facebook Groups specifically to do this.

3. If you want to experiment by using paid advertisement. You can try doing it through Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

If you find another effective way to promote, share it in the comment section at the bottom of this post.


To sum everything up, we recommend this approach as an alternative to making money online.

However, this works best if your site already has a lot of traffic coming. But, even if you just started, the process is easy, and you can see the result right away within minutes.

So, if you’re an affiliate marketer, you can sign up as a sub-affiliate through our affiliate link.

Or, you can surf the web using the Entireweb search engine.

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing, read our best recommendation


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