If you’re looking for a credit card that combines security and exclusive benefits, the Neo Secured Credit Card is the perfect choice for your profile.

Below are some notable benefits of the Neo Secured Credit Card:

  • Guaranteed Approval.
  • No Annual Fees.
  • Cash Rewards.
  • Fraud Protection.



Apply for Your Neo Secured Credit Card

Applying for your Neo Secured Credit Card is easy and can be done entirely online, directly through the website. It’s worth noting that the significant advantage is the card’s guaranteed approval.

Curious about how to apply for yours? Simply click the button below and get an exclusive step-by-step guide to apply for your Neo Secured Credit Card.


What are the credit limits like?

Unlike other credit cards, the Neo Secured Card operates uniquely, depending on the amount you reserve as funds to determine your limits. 

Your credit limit is directly proportional to the amount of security funds you reserve, allowing you to choose this limit based on your comfort level. 

For example, by reserving $500 as your security funds, your credit limit will be equivalent to $500. It is crucial to note that the minimum amount for security funds is $50.

Can I trust Neo?

Yes, Neo Financial is indeed a company that stands out in the market, providing security and reliability to its customers. 

As an innovative Canadian fintech, Neo challenges traditional banking conventions, aiming to offer Canadians a smarter experience in spending, saving, and rewards. 

With roots in Canada, the company highlights its emphasis on innovation, showcasing the founders and leaders behind its initiatives. 

Neo Financial offers a wide range of products, ranging from credit cards to high-yield accounts, investment options, and mortgages. 

Therefore, by choosing Neo, you benefit from a solid company committed to bringing even more benefits and innovations to meet your financial needs. 

This reinforces the reliability and backing provided by a modern, future-oriented financial institution.

The Neo Secured Credit Card is an attractive option for those looking to build their credit. With guaranteed approval, no annual fee, and cash rewards, this card offers an effective way to enhance your credit history and save money. 

Therefore, check all the details when requesting yours.