For those looking for a good credit card that offers more advantages when using it, whether in your country or abroad, the Scotia Momentum Business card is the right credit card for this purpose.

Developed to be an advantageous card and offered by Scotiabank, one of Canada’s most respected banks, you can have this card quickly and enjoy all the possibilities it offers to its customers.


Follow our article to learn more about Scotia Momentum Business and how to get yours.

Get to Know the Card Details

The Scotia Momentum for Business Visa card is a credit card for small businesses offered by Scotiabank in Canada.


The card offers 2% cashback on eligible purchases at gas stations, restaurants, and office supply stores, as well as recurring payments. 

The card also offers an introductory interest rate of 2.99% on balance transfers for six months.

It is important to note that to access this credit card, you must meet the following requirements: have a registered business in Canada and have good credit.

That way, you can easily get your Scotia Momentum Business.

Key Benefits of Scotia Momentum Business card

Now, see a list of the benefits you will have with your Scotia Momentum Business card:

  • 3% Cashback: Earn 3% cashback on fuel purchases, office supplies, recurring bills, and restaurants.
  • 1% Cashback: Receive 1% cashback on all other purchases.
  • Introductory Interest Rate: Enjoy an introductory interest rate of only 2.99% on balance transfers for 6 months.
  • Various Insurances: Offers a variety of insurances, including travel insurance, purchase protection, and credit protection insurance.
  • Free Services: Access to Scotia Online Banking 24/7, Scotia Mobile Banking, Scotia Rewards for reward redemption, and a diverse range of insurances for customers.
  • Purchase Protection: The card offers protection against accidental damage or theft of items purchased with the card for up to 90 days after purchase.
  • Extended Warranty: The card offers a one-year extended warranty for items purchased with the card, in addition to the manufacturer’s standard warranty.
  • Travel Insurance: The card offers travel insurance that includes coverage for medical expenses, trip cancellation, and baggage delay.
  • Rental Car Insurance: The card offers rental car insurance that includes coverage for vehicle damage, theft, and personal injury.
  • Lost or Stolen Card Protection: The card offers protection against fraud and theft, including reimbursement for unauthorized purchases.

Complementary Services Offered

In addition to basic services, Scotia Momentum Business offers a range of complementary services for its customers.

By using Visa SavingsEdge, you receive discounts on business purchases, saving money on your acquisitions.

Furthermore, the card consolidates expenses on a single monthly statement, making it easier to track business expenses. 

Adding supplementary cards for employees is an option, providing additional benefits on a unified account.

To optimize cash flow, the card allows the centralization of recurring payments, turning these transactions into cashback rewards.

At the time of payment, convenience is guaranteed when tapping the Scotia Momentum for business Visa card.

In addition to these benefits, Scotia Momentum Business Visa offers a range of insurances, including emergency medical coverage during travel, collision/damage insurance for rental cars, and extended purchase protection.

For an extra layer of security, the option to add Scotia Business Loan Protection is available, providing additional peace of mind in case of unexpected events.

These comprehensive complementary services make Scotia Momentum Business Visa a complete choice for your business’s financial needs.

How Do I Apply for My Scotia Momentum Business card?

Applying for your Scotia Momentum Business Visa card is an extremely practical process, allowing you to apply online and have the card delivered directly to your home. 

Check out the simplified step-by-step process:

  • Access the Scotia Momentum Business website.
  • Click on “Apply Now.”
  • Indicate whether you are already a Scotiabank customer.
  • If yes, log in with your credentials.
  • If not a customer, register as a new user to access the system.
  • Fill in all requested personal information.
  • Provide your address and complete contact information for card delivery.
  • Complete the fields related to your income and other information required by the bank.
  • Submit the proposal to the bank.

Wait for Scotiabank’s approval for your Scotia Momentum Business, which will be delivered to the registered address.

With a simple and effective process, you can quickly have your credit card in hand. 

Interested? Apply for Scotia Momentum Business now and explore other options suitable for your profile by browsing the website.

Useful information

This content was produced in January 2024. In case of updates or changes to services and conditions, please contact the responsible bank.

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