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Consider yourself a plant expert? If so, do you believe you could identify species at random on the street, or would you prefer to use Apps for Plant Identification?

We’ve found that there are several app options; developers have researched extensive databases containing information about plants and applied them to their projects.


These apps can be extremely useful for individuals who have constant contact with plants in their daily lives. To learn more about how they work, keep reading!

1- PlantNet

This app provides plant species identification through a simple photograph, similar to the Picture This app.


Its ability to identify a wide variety of cultivated plants is notable, although that is not its main objective.

The more precise the captured photo, the more information will be provided about the species, thus increasing the accuracy of the identification.

Compared to Picture This, PlantNet doesn’t have the same breadth of knowledge, covering only about 20,000 species, which is much smaller than the other app’s 435,000 species.

However, PlantNet is available on both operating systems, making it easily accessible to Android and iOS users.

Additionally, the app has a user rating of 4.4 stars and has surpassed the 10 million download mark.

Android   –  iOS

2- iNaturalist

iNaturalist is recognized for its ability to assist in the identification of plants and animals around you.

With it, you can explore new species, record your own observations, and share them with the community.

Additionally, you’ll receive contributions and identifications from the community regarding what you’ve found. Similarly, you can contribute to helping others identify their discovered plants.

You can follow collaborative projects between communities and scientists with this app, thereby gaining more knowledge.

The app is available on both operating systems, making it easily accessible to Android and iOS users.

Furthermore, the app has a rating of 4.0 stars and over 1 million downloads worldwide.

Android  –   iOS

3- PictureThis

The “Picture This – Plant Identifier” app operates straightforwardly. Simply open the app, take a photo of the plant you want to identify, and you’re done.

Based on its database, the app will examine the plant and provide all necessary information about it, including species, origin, care, and trivia.

It’s a simple, convenient, and highly effective tool for identification and presenting results to the user.

The Picture This app has various functionalities beyond identifying plant species.

  • It instantly recognizes thousands of plants, flowers, and trees through advanced artificial intelligence when taking photos.
  • It provides recommendations and expert reviews for each recognized plant species.
  • It offers care guidance and watering reminders to assist in plant cultivation.
  • It allows for easy image sharing with a community dedicated to gardening enthusiasts.

Android – iOS

4- FlowerChecker

FlowerChecker is a paid app, costing $1 to install and $1 for each plant identification.

It’s very easy to use, but the process to identify your plant is a bit different from normal, as real people identify the plants.

When you submit, the app’s response time is unpredictable, ranging from hours to days.

The app uses an unusual model, as you’ve seen, charging credits for accurate results.

Android  iOS

5- LeafSnap

LeafSnap is an innovative app that can recognize up to 90% of plant species worldwide, including insects and mushrooms.

It offers a free and unlimited service, allowing for instant identification of thousands of plants, flowers, fruits, and trees.

Additionally, it enables comprehensive plant discovery by providing beautiful photos from various parts of the world.

With access to a vast and constantly evolving database, LeafSnap allows for the rapid identification of many species and also offers the option to save photos in a collection.

The app provides reminders for plant care, such as watering, fertilizing, pruning, and includes a diary to monitor plant growth, a calendar with care needs, and even a water calculator.

It’s worth noting that LeafSnap is available on both Android and iOS platforms, with a rating of 3.7 stars and over 1 million downloads.

Android  iOS

Woman using Apps for Plant Identification.

6- Plant ID

Plant ID is an easy-to-use, install, and configure app. It also features rock identification, going beyond the usual focus on plants.

This can be great for those interested in starting to learn about gardening stones or just as a hobby.

Be careful to correctly identify the plant, avoiding rocks from appearing and the result focusing solely on them.

Android – iOS

7- PlantSnap

After a free seven-day trial, PlantSnap Pro costs $20 per year (charged monthly) or $60 for lifetime access.

The app is a very easy-to-install, set up, and use. It simply requires granting access to the camera.

Additionally, to make it even more practical, the app provides guides to help you identify plants and even recommends care products.


With so many plant species, it’s difficult to identify them all, so we’ve gathered these apps for you!

With these apps, you can identify all kinds of plants more quickly, easily, and you even have the chance to delve deeper into knowledge about each of them!

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