Parental Control Apps: Know Which Ones to Use

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Parental control apps have become essential tools for parents in the digital age. These apps help monitor and manage children’s online activities, ensuring a safe environment as they navigate the internet. 

This article will discuss the importance of using parental control apps and provide detailed reviews of some of the best options available. 


So, if you want to know more about which parental control apps to use, keep reading as we will help you!

Why is it Important to Use Parental Control Apps?

Today’s children are growing up in a digital world where they have access to vast amounts of information and entertainment online.


While the internet can be a valuable resource for learning and fun, it also presents risks such as exposure to inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and online predators. 

Parental control apps help mitigate these risks by allowing parents to supervise their children’s online activities, set usage limits, and block harmful content.

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Tips on Parental Control Apps

With the increasing exposure of children to the internet, it is crucial to ensure they are safe and away from inappropriate content.

Parental control apps emerge as essential tools to help in this task, allowing parents to supervise, filter, and manage internet and mobile device usage. 

In this article, we present a selection of the best parental control apps, highlighting their main features and how they can help maintain a safe online environment for your children.

Google Family Link

Google Family Link is a comprehensive parental control app that helps parents manage their children’s digital activities. 

It allows parents to create Google accounts for their children and set guidelines on app usage, screen time, and content accessibility

The app is easy to use, offers a wide range of features for monitoring and managing screen time, and integrates perfectly with Google services.

Parents can approve or block app downloads, set daily screen time limits, and monitor app activity. 

Some users find the setup process a bit complicated, and there are occasional synchronization issues between parent and child devices. 

Platforms: Available on Android and iOS. 

Number of Devices: No specific limit on the number of devices that can be managed.


Qustodio is a robust parental control app designed to help parents keep their children safe online. 

It offers comprehensive monitoring features, including web filtering, social media tracking, and real-time location tracking. 

Qustodio’s interface is intuitive and provides detailed reports on online activity. It allows parents to set time limits for specific apps and websites, and it also includes a panic button for emergencies. 

The premium version can be relatively expensive, and some features, like social media monitoring, may not work consistently across all platforms. 

Platforms: Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Kindle. 

Number of Devices: The free version supports one device, while premium plans support up to 15 devices.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is one of the most well-known parental control apps, offering powerful tools to help parents protect their children online. 

It provides content filtering, screen time management, and real-time alerts. Net Nanny’s content filtering capabilities are highly effective and offer real-time updates on children’s activities. 

The app also includes a Family Feed feature, which provides a comprehensive view of family members’ online activities

The app can be costly, and some users report that it can be slow to update activity logs. Additionally, the initial setup can be time-consuming. 

Platforms: Available on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Kindle. 

Number of Devices: Supports up to 20 devices, depending on the subscription plan.

Norton Family

Norton Family is a parental control app from the well-known cybersecurity company Norton. It offers a wide range of features, including web supervision, time management, and location tracking

Norton Family provides extensive monitoring tools and customizable alerts. Its user interface is straightforward and offers detailed activity reports. 

The app also includes educational resources to help children develop healthy online habits. The app is not available on macOS, and some features, like video supervision, are limited to certain browsers. 

Platforms: Compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows. 

Number of Devices: Can manage up to 10 devices.


Aura is a newer entry in the parental control app market, offering comprehensive features to keep children safe online.

It includes web filtering, app monitoring, and 24-hour location tracking with precise locations. Aura has a sleek, user-friendly design, offering real-time alerts and reports. 

The app also includes a family locator feature and can monitor calls and messages. Being relatively new, Aura may lack some advanced features found in more established apps, and there may be occasional performance issues. 

Platforms: Available on Android and iOS.

Number of Devices: Supports multiple devices, with exact limits depending on the subscription plan.

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Apple’s Screen Time

Apple’s Screen Time is a built-in feature for iOS devices that helps parents manage their children’s device usage. 

It allows parents to set screen time limits, restrict apps, and monitor activity. Screen Time is easy to set up and use, and it integrates seamlessly with the iOS ecosystem.

Parents can set downtime, app limits, and content restrictions, and monitor activity across all their children’s Apple devices.

Screen Time is only available on Apple devices and lacks some advanced features found in third-party apps, such as social media monitoring and comprehensive reporting. 

Platforms: Exclusive to iOS devices.

Number of Devices: No specific limit on the number of Apple devices that can be managed within the family sharing group.

Parental control apps are essential
tools for modern parenting, providing peace of mind and helping to ensure that children are safe as they explore the digital world. 

By carefully selecting the right app and utilizing its features effectively, parents can create a safer online environment for their children.

Just remember to be cautious with the level of control to maintain your child’s trust, and be very careful with locations, as not only you will have access to it.

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