Wealthy Affiliate Review 2022: Is it Legit?

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Featured Image

If you’re looking for a Wealthy Affiliate unbiased review, you’ve come to the right place. We are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, but we’ll give you our honest opinion about this platform. At the end of this Wealthy Affiliate review, you’ll find out if this is a legit platform or not. There is nothing to … Read more

Top 10 Monthly Recurring Affiliate Programs for Beginners

Top 10 Monthly Recurring Affiliate Programs For Beginners - Featured Image

In this listicle, we will highlight the top 10 monthly recurring affiliate programs to promote that are suitable for beginners like us. If you’re trying to make money online with affiliate marketing, you might be asking which affiliate program you should promote. The answer is actually pretty simple. It would be best if you started … Read more

7 Competitive Keyword Research Tools You Need for SEO

7 Competitive Keyword Research Tools for SEO

This time, we’ll talk about 7 keyword research tools you can use to improve your SEO score. If you’re running a website as we do, you need these keyword research tools to drive organic traffic to your site. For example, take a look at our site stats below: At first, we didn’t care about keyword … Read more

New Affiliate Marketer Daily Routine (2022)

A Day in The Life of A New Affiliate Marketer

In this article, let’s talk about our daily routine as new affiliate marketers. We want to share this because we’re still doing affiliate marketing as a side job. That’s why we can only spend around 3 hours every day. Yet, we’ll try to share everything in detail. So, you get a better idea of our … Read more

Affiliate Marketing: The (Honest) Truth (2022)

The (Honest) Truth About Affiliate Marketing

Today, we’re going to talk about something else, which is related to affiliate marketing. We believe you’ve heard about this previously—either you were browsing the internet or watching YouTube videos, you’ve seen the words somewhere. However, if you think affiliate marketing is easy, we hope what we’re about to explain will enlighten your mind. But first, … Read more

Honest Recommendation: 3 Simple Reasons Why You Need Them

Let’s face it. We’re living in the era of brand advocacy. That’s why we need honest recommendations. Before you buy anything from the internet, you do one of these two things. You try to find reviews or ask for recommendations from someone. This way, you get more confidence before finally deciding to buy something. In … Read more