In this Hypotenuse AI review, you will be amazed by how natural sounding this AI copywriting tool works.

Here’s the thing.


We’ve tried several other copywriting tools. Many of these tools are great, but there is always one little problem in the editing phase. It’s none other than editing to make the sentences sound more natural.

Since AI utilizes machine learning to produce content, sometimes it lacks information and context. As a result, sometimes you’ll get sentences that sound too hyperbolic, lengthy, and seems like a repeated template.


Well, that’s not the case with Hypotenuse AI.

You can trust Hypotenuse AI to create the most natural sounding sentence for you. In fact, we use this tool to generate more than 60% of the entire post.

Now, let’s explore Hypotenuse AI and discuss its pros and cons.

What is Hypotenuse AI?

Hypotenuse AI Review - Home Page
Home Page

Hypotenuse AI is a copywriting tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you write better content. As a digital marketer, affiliate marketer, copywriter, or blogger—you know the importance of high-quality content. But, it could be challenging to create informative and engaging content, especially when you’re working with a tight deadline. That’s where Hypotenuse AI comes in.

This AI copywriting tool promises to help you create content that sounds natural and human-written. If you’re looking for a tool that can help you take your writing to the next level, then Hypotenuse AI is definitely worth checking out.

How Does Hypotenuse AI Work?

The AI takes your input and then provides you with feedback about how to improve your content. It also offers suggestions for alternate words and phrases to make your writing sound more natural.

The best thing about Hypotenuse AI is that it doesn’t just give you generic feedback. It analyzes your content and tells you how to improve it based on your findings. This makes it a handy tool for digital marketers, affiliate marketers, copywriters, and bloggers.

What are The Benefits of Using Hypotenuse AI?

First and foremost, it’s a magnificent tool for content creation. It can help you write better copy, create better titles, and deliver more engaging content ideas.

Second, it’s a handy tool for SEO. Hypotenuse AI can help you optimize your content for better search engine ranking and more traffic.

Third, it’s an outstanding tool for tracking your competition. You can use Hypotenuse AI to spy on your competitors’ best content. You can see what’s working well for them and then adapt and improve upon it for your own business.

Hypotenuse AI Features

Now, let’s talk about its key features.

Hypotenuse AI Review - Products

Since this is a relatively new tool, you can only create:

  • Product Descriptions
  • Blog Posts
  • Advertising Copy

But, one of the best features you can use is none other than the Blog Article Writer.

If you’re running a blog featuring Amazon products, you might want to try the Product Description Generator.

Blog Article Writer

We’ll show you an insider look at Hypotenuse AI in action.

Hypotenuse AI Review - Menu

From the Dashboard Menu, select Blog Posts, and you’ll see a form like the one below.

Hypotenuse AI Review - Blog Article Writer
Blog Article Writer

Simply fill up the description, and add 1-2 primary keywords. Filling out this form will help you get a list of high-quality headlines for your blog post.

Hypotenuse AI Review - Headline
Headline Generator

As you can see, it sounds like you’re the one writing those titles. This is why we think it’s the most natural sounding AI copywriting tool you’ll ever find.

After choosing your title or headline, you can proceed to the Next Step.

Hypotenuse AI Review - Outline

When you want to create an outline, we suggest filling your blog post’s target audience—even though it says optional.

Hit Generate button, and you’ll get a complete outline with H2 tags! Isn’t it great?

Choose your outline and proceed to the Next Step.

Hypotenuse AI Review - Blog Article Writer Result
Blog Article Writer Result

Now, simply hit that Generate article button. Hypotenuse AI will almost instantly create a blog post for you.

As you can see, it doesn’t take long for us to create this blog post because it already sounds natural. More importantly, it is already pre-formatted with H2 tags and P tags. So, when you click the Export Blog button and paste it on WordPress or other platforms, you don’t have to format it again.

The sentence quality produced by Hypotenuse AI is the most natural sounding than other copywriting tools. It is short, concise, and saves a lot of time.

Hypotenuse AI Pricing

Hypotenuse AI Review - Pricing

As we mentioned earlier, it’s a relatively new tool, so it is in the affordable price range. The Starter Plan will cost you $29 per month with 75 credits to use (more than enough to create up to 2 blog posts per week).

The Growth Plan will cost you $59 per month with 250 credits. If your daily job is writing, you might consider using this plan. But, you can try it for free—no credit card is required. Hypotenuse AI got a 7-day free trial for you.

Hypotenuse AI Pros and Cons

The most natural sounding AI copywriting tool we have ever encountered.You got a limited amount of credits as a free member.
It is easy to use and writes your sentence fluently like it’s written by a professional copywriter.Currently, features are limited to blog posts, product descriptions, and advertising copy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many languages are available for translation?

Currently, you can translate your copywriting into 20 languages.

Does Hypotenuse AI have a referral program?

Yes. If you invite someone to sign up and subscribe to a paid plan, you and your referral will receive 50 free credits.

Is Hypotenuse AI worth it?

The answer is a resounding yes. It’s affordable and can make your writing sound more natural. Overall, we highly recommend Hypotenuse AI for anyone looking for an edge in copywriting.

What payment method does Hypotenuse AI accept?

They use Stripe to process your payments securely. You can pay with the following payment methods:
All major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and China UnionPay.
Wallets including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Alipay.
Bank payment methods in the EU: Sofort, giropay, iDEAL, and Bancontact.


Overall, we were really impressed with Hypotenuse AI. So, YESWe recommend it. It’s a fantastic tool for anyone who writes copy, especially those who want to sound more like a human and less like a machine. The natural-sounding AI makes it easy to create copy that sounds like a human, which is a huge plus.