LeadsLeap Review: Drive 100% Genuine Traffic To Your Website

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In this LeadsLeap review, we’ll show you how to drive 100% genuine traffic to your website.

We’ve been using LeadsLeap for about 3 months now.

It’s one of our main tools to drive traffic to our site.

With the recent launch of LeadsLeap 4.0, we believe this is the perfect time to publish our LeadsLeap review.

In fact, this might be the ultimate guide about LeadsLeap you’ll ever find.

Let’s dive in!

What is LeadsLeap?

LeadsLeap Home Page
Home Page

First of all, the site was launched back in 2008.

It was more than 10 years ago.

So, this site is definitely legit.

Here are a few testimonials from their users.

LeadsLeap Testimonials 1
Testimonials #1
LeadsLeap Testimonial 2
Testimonials #2

LeadsLead was founded by Kenneth Koh from Singapore.

After you sign-up—which is free, you’ll get an email series from Kenneth talking about his life lessons.

Long story short, LeadsLeap is a platform to help you generate leads from scratch.

Many of its features are free. 

That is why we are still using it daily.

If you’re into affiliate marketing, you will find a lot of affiliate programs on this platform.

Currently, they have more than 170.000 members.

Many of the advertisements you’ll see are related to the MMO (make money online) niche.

You will also find a lot of new business opportunities here.

So, it’s a great place to find the one that suits your needs.

LeadsLeap Review: Features

LeadsLeap Membership Area Menu
Membership Menu

Here is a glimpse of their membership area.

As you might notice, there are 7 menus:

  • Traffic
  • Tracker
  • Tools
  • Money
  • My Followers
  • Affiliate
  • Learn

We will highlight every tool accessible as a free member.


In the traffic menu, you will find:

Post Credit Ads (Free)

As a free member, you can use this feature to drive traffic to your website.

We will explain this in the next section.

Post Pro Ads (Available in Pro Membership)

This feature is only available for Pro Members.

You can post your ads, and they will be rotated in the network 24/7 without credits.

In other words, you will get traffic without doing anything.

View Bookmarked Ads

While surfing on LeadsLeap, you can bookmark the ads that you find interesting.

So, you can explore them later.

Social Review

My Reviews

This is another feature that you can use as a free member.

You can write a review about your program to drive traffic to your affiliate offers.

The purpose of the social review is to get good leads from LeadsLeap and search engines.

My Top Recommendations

After writing your review, you can show up to 5 of the best recommendations on your profile.

Read Reviews

Social Review
Social Review

You can read other reviews by other members here.

Simply type the domain name in the search box, or you can browse based on the available categories.


One of the best features you can use as a free member is the Link Tracker.

LeadsLeap Link Tracker can identify real visitors and tell you how long they’ve been surfing on your link.

Track Links

Hit the ‘Add new track link’ button

Link Tracker
Link Tracker

Insert the URL you want to track.

This can be your affiliate offers, landing page, email capture page, etc.

You can put this link on other traffic exchange sites or LeadsLeap itself.

Link Tracker - Settings
Link Tracker – Settings

You also have the option to monetize your link by showing ads by LeadsLeap.

Another great thing you can do is integrate Ad Bars and Popups to your link.


Rotators - Settings
Rotators – Settings

If you’re not familiar with link rotators, here’s a simple way to understand them.

Let’s say you have 3 different links and 3 different capture pages.

You can put all of those links and capture pages on link rotators.

When you send traffic to your link rotators, your visitor will be redirected to one of the links inside.

You can adjust the weight of each of your links from 1 to 5. 

Higher numbers mean it will be shown more frequently than lower numbers.

For example, let’s say you have 2 links. 

For the first link, you set the weight at 5. 

For the second link, you set the weight at 3.

So, every 8 rotations, your first link will roughly show 5 times, and the second link will roughly show 3 times.

We use the word roughly because it is an algorithm called Weighted Random.

This same principle works on The Click Engine.

Ad Bars

This feature will showcase a red bar on top of your screen.

Its primary function works the same as rotators.

If your visitor clicks on that bar, they will be redirected to your targeted links.

You can think of it as a clickbait headline to drive visitors to your website.


In this menu, you will find:

  • Email Marketing (Free)
  • Page Builder (Free)
  • Funnel Builder (Pro Membership)
  • Form/Popup Creator (Free)
  • Hosting Service (Pro Membership)

Email Marketing

All free members can access List Manager and Broadcasts.

As for the other features, Email Series, Blog to Broadcast, and YouTube to Broadcast are only available for the Pro Members.

List Manager + Broadcasts

If you don’t have any tools to capture an email list, you can use this feature for free.

You can build your email list by utilizing the Form/Popup Creator menu.

After building your email list, you can start sending email marketing to your subscribers.

Page Builder

If you don’t have a website, this feature is one of the best you can find for free.

You can create:

  • Opt-in page
  • Thank you page
  • Review page
  • Sales page
  • Download page

LeadsLeap is generous enough to provide a free template for all of those pages.

So, you don’t have to create anything from scratch. 

Simply change the copywriting, and you’re good to go.

Setting Up Page Builder

Hit the ‘Add a new campaign’ button.

Page Builder - Add New Campaign
Page Builder – Add New Campaign

Fill with the campaign name.

Page Builder - Settings
Page Builder – Settings

Add a Browser Title.

You can choose to use the Ad Bar or Insert Popup feature on your page.

Page Builder - Add a Blank Page
Page Builder – Add a Blank Page

Hit the + button.

Click ‘Add a blank page.’

Page Builder - Launch Editor
Page Builder – Launch Editor

Click on ‘Launch Editor’

Start customizing your templates.

Save the page.

Set the status from Inactive to Active.

Form/Popup Creator

You can add forms to capture your visitor email list with this feature. It is called PopupXpert.

Setting Up the Form/Popup Manager

Hit the ‘Add a new campaign’ button.

Form/Popup Manager - Add New Campaign
Form/Popup Manager – Add New Campaign

Enter a campaign name.

Form/Popup Manager - Add a New Form
Form/Popup Manager – Add a New Form

Click the ‘Add now’ button.

Form/Popup Manager - Launch Editor
Form/Popup Manager – Launch Editor

Click the ‘Launch Editor’ button.

You can customize it from the available templates.

Hit the ‘Save’ button.

Change the status from Inactive to Active.


In the money section, you will find: 

  • Daily Active Bonus
  • Credit Encashment
  • PPC Earnings
  • Affiliate Commissions

Daily Active Bonus

This is the place to monitor your earnings from Daily Active Bonus.

LeadsLeap server will reset at Singapore time (GMT +8:00).

Your task as a free member is to surf the ads 10 times.

That is the minimum amount of ads you need to view to earn a Daily Active Bonus.

What’s that?

In short, it’s just a way for LeadsLeap to thank you for being active.

Credit Encashment

Credit Encashment
Credit Encashment

If you have plenty of time and can surf for at least 3 to 4 hours a day, you can exchange your credits for cash.

You need a minimum of 50 credits to encash.

The ratio is $0.1 for every 50 credits.

To earn $1 every day, you need 500 credits.

PPC Earnings

If you own a website, you can earn money through PPC advertising.

PPC stands for pay per click.

So, when you show LeadsLeap Ad to your visitors, and they click on the Ad, you can earn money.

As stated in the members’ area:

The earning calculation is based on the number of traffic, uniqueness, surfing duration, geographical location, and our earnings at that week.

PPC earning is calculated every Friday.

It’s calculated only for non-member visitors, and you are not allowed to click the ads in your own ad widget.

Setting up PPC Widget Code

Click the Get PPC Widget Code.

PPC Widget Code
PPC Widget Code

Set your widget type, number of ads, and categories.

You can showcase up to 6 ads.

You can also customize whether you want to hide/show your header and affiliate links.

After customizing your widget, hit the ‘Get the code’ button, and follow the instructions.

If you don’t own a website, you can show LeadsLeap PPC Widget on your page—the one you created with Page Builder.

Affiliate Commissions

This is where you monitor your affiliate commissions. 

The minimum withdrawal is $10, and you can get paid through PayPal, Wise, or Bitcoin.

My Followers

Followers List by Levels
Followers List by Levels

Those who signed up using your referral link will be shown here.

View Followers

Overriding Credit
Overriding Credit

LeadsLeap implements an Overriding Credit on their referral system.

What’s that?

In a sentence, the more referrals you get, you can earn more credits.

You need at least 20 personal referrals to enjoy 10-levels of these overriding credits.

Message Followers

You can also send a message to your followers and direct them to your site.

If you have more than 20 referrals, your message will be seen by your 10 levels of followers.


Here you can find all the resources you need to promote LeadsLeap and invite referrals.

Affiliate Links & Tools

Affiliate Resources
Affiliate Resources

You will find all your affiliate links here.

You can also find how to promote LeadsLeap through a list, blog, forums, and traffic exchange networks.

You will also get pre-built email swipes to send to your list.

If you have your website ready, you can add banners to showcase them to your visitors.

Affiliate Traffic Stats

Affiliate Links Performance
Affiliate Links Performance

You can monitor how your affiliate links perform here.

Moreover, you can also track its source. So, you will know which method works best to promote your affiliate links.


After all of these free features, you still get an ebook for free to promote as a lead magnet.

Insider Advertising Report

This ebook is written by Kenneth Koh himself. 

Here’s what other people said about this ebook.

Insider Advertising Report Testimonials
Insider Advertising Report Testimonials

It consists of 17 chapters to help you create better advertisements for your online business.

Click here to read it for free.

One Sign-up A Day

One of the LeadsLeap members, Andre Zunde, wrote this report. 

He explained how he built a network of more than 20.000 leads through the LeadsLeap system.

Click here to download the report for free.

How To Use LeadsLeap To Drive Traffic To Your Website?

Now, we’re going to show you how to utilize Post Credit Ads as a free member.

Setting Up Post Credit Ads

Post Credit Ads - Settings
Post Credit Ads – Settings

Hit the ‘Add a new ad’ button.

Fill the URL with your website address.

Write a catchy title in 25 characters.

Insert your ad text as your call to action.

Add an image.

Choose the category that fits your ad.

Leave the Preload Credits To This Ad empty and tick the Auto Mode.

As a reminder, you need 10 credits to submit this ad.

How To Earn Credits From LeadsLeap?

Surf & Earn - Member Ads
Surf & Earn – Member Ads

On the right side of the screen, you’ll see a section named: Surf & Earn.

Click on one of the Ads with a Pro label.

A new window will open, and you’ll see a screen like this.

Earn Credits - Surf & Earn Screen
Earn Credits – Surf & Earn Screen

The next thing you do is hit the ‘Open Link in New Window’ button.

On the left side of the screen, you will notice this sentence, “Surfing started…”

Surfing Started Notification
Surfing Started Notification

At the bottom of the screen, you will see a tracker showing you how many clicks you have done. 

Clicks and Credits Stats
Clicks and Credits Stats

You will also see how many credits you have accumulated.

You can also see the amount of traffic you will get in exchange for those credits.

After you’re done viewing the ads, you can close them.

Earn Credits - Do Not Click Ads With Bot Detection Sign
Earn Credits – Do Not Click Ads With Bot Detection Sign

As you might notice, you have 3 advertisements to see, but one of them is marked: For bot detection. Do not click.

Click on one of the other two ads and wait until the “Surfing started…” message appears.

This is how LeadsLeap can drive 100% human traffic to your site.

Pro Tip💡
If you want to earn credits fast, click on Pro Ads. These ads will give you more credits than regular ads. You can also earn more credits by rating the advertisement from 1 to 5 stars. Just make sure to rate objectively.

Should You Upgrade To Pro Membership?

Here is a table of comparisons between Free and Pro membership.

Free vs. Pro Membership Comparison
Free vs. Pro Membership Comparison

One of the powerful benefits of Pro membership is you can run up to 10 ads 24/7 on the LeadsLeap network.

In other words, you will have 100% traffic on auto-pilot.

Moreover, these Pro ads with 5 stars rating will get featured in the members’ area.

Another great benefit is you can create your own Sales Funnel.

You will also earn a 50% recurring commission from your referrals.

Pro Tip💡
You can pay for an upgrade using the credits you have accumulated.


To sum everything up, in this LeadsLeap review, we have outlined every free tool you can use.

We totally recommend LeadsLeap as an all-in-one online marketing tool for every level.

If you find the user interface overwhelming, simply check out the tutorial page on every menu.

Everything is covered, and it’s well written.

If you’re into affiliate marketing, we believe this is one of the must-have tools you need.


Sugiya is the Writer and Owner of We Recommend. He is passionate about helping people make better decisions when buying things on the internet.

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  1. Wow, a very interesting article and a great review. The desire of every affiliate marketer, blogger and website owner is to drive traffic and also rank in search engines. 

    Platforms such as Leadsleap is a great bonus. From what I gathered from this article, I see it as a great tool to take my online business to another level and the amazing features open to free members are a big win-win. I am sure going to sign up immediately.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. It seems to be a great platform to learn and earn as a free member. It’s a free lifetime membership.

    It is a privilege to know that Leadsleap is legit among so many reported scam sites.

    It is encouraging to view ads for a few seconds and can accumulate a small income.

    How much does one have to pay as a pro-member?

    Can I add the ad widget to display ads on my niche website? 

    It looks good to me to look at this site a little more to decide to join.

    • Hi, Anusuya.

      For a pro member, you can get it for $19,90 on monthly basis (usually LeadsLeap have a day where they give a decent discount). 

      As for the PPC Widget, yes you can add it for free to display their ads on your website.

  3. Driving traffic to our site is harder than I initially thought. I have been looking at my numbers in Google Analytics and it’s quite depressing to say the least. But I am glad there are solutions such as LeadsLeap. And it’s good to know we will be driving legit traffic to our site. Not those spammy bots that other platforms send.

  4. I am an affiliate marketer who is always looking for ways to drive traffic to my websites.  I appreciate your detailed description of Leadsleap because it shows that the program covers all areas needed to build traffic, but also that it is very useable.  I am going to sign up for the free trial, but I was wondering if there is a time limit on it’s use.  Also, I was wondering if I go to the Pro version and decided that the free is enough for me, can I go back.  I particularly like the rotation part of this program.  Thanks for the information and the sign up link.

    • Hi Anastazja, you can sign up for free. It’s a free lifetime membership with limited features.

      if you choose to upgrade to the pro version, you can always cancel your subscription.

      However, you will lose the main feature of the Pro Ads—which puts up to 10 ads live 24/7.

  5. Thank you for sharing this great review about LeadsLeap, I been a affiliate marketer for about a year and one the challenges we face is to drive traffic to our website and with LeadsLeap we can solved some of this problem, I like the fact the even with the free membership we still can send traffic to our site. 
    plus 10 years in the market is something that not too many programs last.

    I have a e-commerce website too can this LeadsLeap be a great idea to have or is more for affiliate marketing?

    I going to sign up for this LeadsLeap thank you.

    • Hi Gualdemar, you can use it for your e-commerce website. LeadsLeap is suitable for various niches and needs.

  6. I have seen several advertisements for Leadsleap and didn’t know if it was a legitimate program or a scam, so I am very pleased that I have come across this review. It is great to see that it is a legitimate platform and that you have been getting more traffic to your website. Traffic is what every business owner needs to survive and thrive, and with so many free features, Leadsleap look well worth joining and trying. 

    Thank you for sharing this resource. 

  7. I use LeadsLeap also, and try to view 50 ads a day. One day I clicked on 200 ads to build up credits to get more real visitors to my blog and to encash some of the credits for a small amount. I miss being able to have the Pro membership! The Pro membership is the best, and hoping my end of the month be able to pay for the membership again. Have shared your review on social media, and I like to wish you great success

  8. I have been on several tools before and most of them offer loads of features but I feel overwhelmed by them. With Leadsleap, it was just different. Everything was clear and straightforward. It is like a breath of fresh air in the freelancer industry where everyone just wants to get paid as soon as possible.

  9. This tool looks like it can be great for getting genuine traffic to your website, which is very hard to achieve. Having used some tools similar to this one and not having much success I am reluctant to use anything like this again. Having said that, I am always willing to give new things a try and this could be the one that works for me. I will keep you all posted on how I get on.5

  10. I have never used LeadsLeap but from your review post, it sounds like a great platform for me to get started with.

    I’m an affiliate marketer and getting help from an all in one platform such as this will help my traffic in many ways to grow.

    Having something that is simple to use is also an added bonus!

    Thank you for all of the great information.


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