In this SendSteed review, we’ll explore a free email marketing service provided by LeadsLeap.

If you’re a member of LeadsLeap Pro like us, we recommend using SendSteed as one of your email marketing platforms.


Without further ado, let’s dive in right away!

What is SendSteed?

SendSteed is a list management service provided by LeadsLeap. It has been around since 2008.


As you would expect from an email marketing service, you can:

  • Build an unlimited email list
  • Create email series
  • Send broadcasts and recurring broadcast
  • Blog to broadcast
  • YouTube to broadcast

We will provide a table of comparison between the free and pro version later.

Now let’s explore all the primary features of this free email marketing service.

SendSteed Review: Key Features

SendSteed Review - Menu

Inside this part of our SendSteed review, we’ll explore all the pro features so you can look at its potential—even as a free member.

List Manager

SendSteed Review - List Manager
List Manager

First up is the List Manager. It’s simply the place to manage your email lists. As a free member, you can create up to 10 different lists.

You can use different lists for different campaigns you’re running.

What’s great about this List Manager is you can integrate them with your funnel. So, when someone signs up through your capture page, it will automatically be added to your list.

Every list you create through List Manager will have an ID number. You can create multiple funnels and integrate all of them into one list.

Usually, when it comes to paid List Management services, the size of your list determines the price you need to pay. The bigger your list, the pricier it gets.

The fact that there is no limitation on the size of your list still amazed us.

Email Series

SendSteed Review - Email Series
Email Series

As a free member, you cannot send Email Series. This feature is available for pro members. You can read all the benefits in our complete LeadsLeap Review.

So, what exactly is email series?

In a sentence, you can create pre-written emails to your subscribers. You can think of it as an email course or automated follow-up emails based on the day they subscribed to your list.

The more common term is an Autoresponder.

When someone signs up to your email list, your subscribers will automatically receive two emails, one for email verification and one for a welcome email. It’s called day 0 email here.

However, one downside of this email verification and a welcome email is they can get into spam folders.

As pro members, you can write unlimited Email Series to your subscribers.

You can also look at the stats of your Email Series, such as Send Rates, Open Rates, and Click Rates.

Pro Tip ????
If you already have a pre-written email series, you can use the Import button to use it on another list. We consider it quite handy.


As free members, you only have the chance to send up to 10 broadcasts per month. It’s more than enough if you just started building your list.

SendSteed Review - Broadcasts Editor
Broadcasts Editor

A great feature with SendSteed newsletters is that you can use Smart Greeting in both Subject and Body of your emails. 

So, you can address your subscriber’s first name to make it more personalized.

As for the email writing area, all the features are similar to other word-processing tools.

You can also preview your email before sending it and send a test message to see how it looks.

SendSteed Review - Email Preview
Email Preview

Another benefit as a free member, you can schedule your broadcasts in advance to your subscribers.

So, it’s pretty handy for a free email marketing service.

Blog to Broadcast

SendSteed Review - Blog to Broadcasts
Blog to Broadcasts

Imagine having an automatic broadcast whenever you publish a new blog post to your subscribers using this feature.

That’s pretty decent, right?

You can think of it as another traffic source to your website on autopilot.

YouTube to Broadcast

SendSteed Review - YouTube Broadcasts Editor
YouTube Broadcast Editor

If you’re running a YouTube channel, you need this feature. You can have an automatic broadcast whenever you upload and publish a new YouTube.

So, your subscribers can also help you get more views!

SendSteed Review: Free vs. Pro Comparison

SendSteed Review - Free vs. Pro Membership
Free vs. Pro Memberships

One major downside with the free version is the inability to send Email Series. It’s a handy feature that convinced us to upgrade to the pro membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to sign up to LeadsLeap to use SendSteed?

Yes. Since SendSteed is part of LeadsLeap, you need to sign up to LeadsLeap to use it with other tools.

Can you add your own list?

Sure. You can add your own list. But, it is limited to 500 contacts per import session. It is available for pro membership.

Does SendSteed provide a single opt-in?

We previously learned that LeadsLeap did provide a single opt-in. But, it was changed to double opt-in through Verification Email and Welcome Email. In other words, if your subscribers open the Welcome Email, it acts as a verification method.

How much does it cost for Pro Membership?

If you sign up and upgrade within a week, you can get it for $19,9 per month. However, if you upgrade later, you’ll pay $27.


To sum everything up in this SendSteed review, SendSteed is a free email marketing service for anyone interested in building their own list without worrying about the size of your list.

Compared to other platforms, you need to pay based on the size of your list.

In a sentence, we recommend it.

If you’re doing affiliate marketing or other online marketing activities, you need an email marketing service in your arsenal.

So, we suggest signing up and trying it for free before deciding on an upgrade.