In this List Infinity Review, let’s find out if this affiliate program is worth promoting.

If you’re struggling to build your email list, you’ve come to the right place. List Infinity is paying you to build your email list.


Wait, what?

You’re reading it right. You can get paid to build your email list. Sounds interesting? So, without further ado, let’s dive in to learn about this program.


Is it Worth Promoting List Infinity?

We think List Infinity is worth promoting because you don’t have to wait to get your commissions when your referrals upgrade their membership. Everything goes directly to your payment processor account. So far, we have earned more than $350 through List Infinity. Based on our experience, the best way to generate income from List Infinity is by upgrading to Pro Membership instead of Starter or Advanced Membership. Otherwise, you might lose a sale to your sponsor.

What is List Infinity?

List Infinity Review - Home Page
Home Page

List Infinity is a legit lead generation and make-money-online program. You are getting paid to build your email list by referring other members to join List Infinity. This program is owned by Derrick van Dyke—an affiliate marketer that also owns Quick Funnels, ClickMagick, and FB Automation Suite.

At first, we thought it was only a generous program that pays you to build your email list through sign-ups and membership upgrades.

However, when you get inside, there are more benefits, such as training and valuable information about online marketing. The nice thing about this is that you can join the program as a Free Member.

List Infinity Review - No More Free Memberships
List Infinity Update 30 October 2022

As of 30 October 2022, there are no free memberships unless you pay to upgrade your account. As far as we know, this decision is made due to many free members signing up and not upgrading their accounts. So, it’s safe to say that List Infinity is not for everyone. It’s aimed at action-takers who believe in the process of network marketing.

Now, let’s dive deeper to learn more about it.

List Infinity Insider Look

To help you get an idea about this program, we decided to join List Infinity to take a closer look.

List Infinity Review - Dashboard
Dashboard Menu

After signing up, you have to decide on three membership options:

  1. Start as Starter Level Membership
  2. Upgrade to Advanced Membership
  3. Upgrade to Pro Membership (Strongly Recommended)

Previously, you could access List Infinity as a free member and grow your email list. Now, you can create a free account, but you can’t access anything unless you pay for an upgrade. In other words, List Infinity is a paid-only membership. We’ll cover more about it in the membership pricing later.

List Infinity Benefits

Now, let’s talk about the benefits when you decide to join this program. First and foremost, you get access to 15 pre-built Lead Capture Pages.

List Infinity Review - Lead Capture Pages
Lead Capture Pages

These capture pages have already been tested and proven to convert.

Pro Tip????
Amongst these 15, our favorites are 13, 4, 2, and 9. It is suitable for our design taste.

Secondly, while building your email list—the system will automatically send your email campaigns to your subscribers. Moreover, you can promote any offer you want to your list to make more money.

Thirdly, payment is paid instantly to your payment processor account. It’s rare to see this kind of payment system.

Fourthly, if you are a Pro member like us, every 5th lead your referrals generate passes up to you. In other words, you get 20% of your referral effort to grow your email list and generate more leads.

Fifthly, you also get access to all the training materials to help you drive traffic to your link. As a Pro Member, you get access to all of these resources:

  • Facebook Marketing Plan
  • Solo Ad Secrets
  • Solo Ad Rolodex
  • Pro Training Videos (Pro Members Only)

Sixth, and most importantly, List Infinity also has an active Facebook Group where all the community members are helpful if you have any questions. You can also see the income proof from other members and learn how to implement their strategy to your situation.

List Infinity Review - Free Vacation
Free Vacation

Finally, one of the best benefits of joining List Infinity as a Pro Member is to get a free voucher to stay for up to 4 days and 3 nights in one of 125 exotic locations worldwide. Moreover, you will also get a $200 restaurant voucher.

Setting Up Your List Infinity System

Once you have upgraded your account. You can set up your List Infinity System and start promoting it. Generally speaking, you only need two things:

  1. an Autoresponder, and 
  2. Payment Processor (e.g., PayPal/Stripe).

That’s it, and you can start promoting right away.

There are 4 Autoresponder options you can connect to your List Infinity account.

We use LeadsLeap because that’s where we’re building our email list. For more information, you can check our review about LeadsLeap.

Pro Tip ????
If you have AWeber, you can easily import your Autoresponder email campaign automatically. List Infinity allows you to do that within a few clicks.

However, if you’re using another Autoresponder (e.g., Moosend or MailerLite), you can’t connect them to this system. That’s one of the downsides of this system.

Promoting Your List Infinity System

Based on our experience, the best way to promote your link is through solo ads, and we strongly suggest using Udimi. The reason for buying solo ads is that you need exposure to your lead capture pages.

For example, if you spend $100 to buy solo ad clicks and get at least 1 Pro Upgrade, you get your initial investment while building your email list for free. You can expect around 40-60% opt-in rates on each round of solo ads you buy.

Pro Tip ????
Sign up for free on Udimi and get $5 off for your first solo ads purchase.

However, if you’re a LeadsLeap Pro member like us, you can set up 10 Pro Ads and drive traffic to your lead capture pages on autopilot. With LeadsLeap Coop Traffic, you can get up to 4,000+ genuine traffic to your lead capture pages to increase your chance of getting someone to join List Infinity.

Moreover, if you have experience building lead capture pages, you can utilize traffic exchange sites or safelist mailers to promote List Infinity.

List Infinity Membership Pricing

As for the membership pricing, we think this is a fantastic offer because it’s a one-time setup fee. So, you don’t have to pay every month.

List Infinity Review - Membership Pricing
Membership Pricing & Benefits

With the new pricing update, the Starter Membership will cost you a $10 admin fee and $25 directly to your sponsor. The Advanced Membership will cost you a $20 admin fee and $50 to your sponsor. The Pro Membership will cost $100 to your sponsor and a $30 admin fee.

In return, you get all of these bonuses as a Pro Member:

  • Free Facebook Traffic Strategies ($97 Value)
  • $10K Blueprint ($97 Value)
  • TikTok Marketing ($97 Value)
  • YouTube Authority ($97 Value)
  • Instagram Marketing Secrets ($97 Value)
  • Reprogram Your Mind for Success ($97 Value)

List Infinity Commission Scheme

Here’s a simple table of comparison between all of the membership plans.

New ReferralAdded to your listAdded to your listAdded to your list
5th ReferralPass up to your SponsorPass up to your SponsorYou don’t pass up leads to your Sponsor!
Upgrade CommissionStarter – $25
Advanced – $50*
Pro – $100*
Starter – $25
Advanced – $50
Pro – $100*
Starter – $25
Advanced – $50
Pro – $100
*Pass up to your sponsor

As you can see, the major downside of being a Starter Member is when you refer someone—and they upgrade to Advanced or Pro, the sale will go to your direct referral (your sponsor).

For example, if you are at the Starter Membership, you can only earn if your referrals upgrade to Starter Membership. The same principles apply to Advanced Membership. You can only receive commissions if your referrals upgrade to Starter or Advanced Memberships.

In other words, if you’re a Pro Member and your referral is at the Starter Membership and their referral upgrades to Pro Membership, the sale goes straight to you as the sponsor. That’s right—it’s a $100 commission to your account.

List Infinity Pros and Cons

Despite all the benefits above, there are several pros and cons to consider before upgrading your List Infinity account.


  • You can promote List Infinity and grow your email list.
  • The commission goes straight to your payment processor account. You don’t have to wait 30 days to receive them.
  • Valuable training resources as a Pro Member.
  • The list is yours, and you can promote anything to your list.


  • It could be expensive for some people.
  • You must spend money before you can earn money with List Infinity.
  • You won’t receive anything unless your referrals upgrade their membership.
  • You can’t use other Autoresponders other than the ones provided within List Infinity System.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use other payment processors, such as CashApp, Venmo, or even Bitcoin?

Yes. You can set up other payment processor accounts by creating a customized link directly to your preferred payment gateway. However, it would be better to use PayPal or Stripe.

Are there any other hidden fees?

No. Once you upgrade your account, you can earn unlimited commissions directly to your payment processor account. However, as we have mentioned earlier, you can only receive a $100 commission if you upgrade to Pro Member.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

No. It’s a one-time upgrade fee. So, you don’t get any refund once you have upgraded your account.


To summarize our List Infinity review, this program is worth promoting, and we recommend it. List Infinity is suitable for every affiliate marketer, from beginners to experts.

One of the downsides is you can’t use other Autoresponders other than the system provides you. Moreover, you must upgrade your membership to (at least) a Starter Membership to make money. Otherwise, you won’t earn anything.

If you have enough budget, do not upgrade to Starter Membership like us since it will cost you more money. It’s better to upgrade to the Pro Membership right away.

Pro Tip????
If you choose to upgrade today, send us an email, and we’ll guide you on how to make your first commission with List Infinity.

Income Proof

So, we’d like to give you our income proof to show you that this program pays as it says.