Are you looking for a legit Rank Math Content AI review? You’re in the right place. We’re avid fans of Rank Math, and it has been helping us to achieve thousands of keyword rankings in many of our posts. 

So, we’d like to write a comprehensive review about one of the best Rank Math features you can use for free: Content AI. If you’re a Rank Math user, not using this feature to help you write your content is similar to limiting your chance to outrank your competitor.


Honestly, we’ve used all our Content AI Credits and looking to buy more shortly. In fact, we used our last credit to write this post. So, this entire post was created based on Rank Math Content AI’s suggestion.

Our objective in writing this review is to provide you with a firm answer and reasons to switch to Rank Math SEO. We’ve mentioned our reasons for not using Rank Math SEO’s free version before, but we only highlight a small part of Content AI in that post. At the end of this review, we’ll let you decide if it’s worth using to help you write better content or not.


Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Rank Math Content AI Review: Is it Worth Using?

Rank Math Content AI is worth using because you can use it for free when you use Rank Math SEO as your WordPress SEO plugin. This feature will give you powerful suggestions for word count, links, headings, and media usage, so you can optimize your content for your targeted keyword. You’ll get 5 free credits to try as a free Rank Math user and help you write SEO-friendly content.

What is Content AI in Rank Math?

Content AI is an AI writing assistant inside Rank Math SEO plugin that will help you write SEO-friendly content. In fact, Rank Math is the first WordPress SEO plugin to integrate AI inside it. This handy feature outperforms other SEO plugins we’ve tried, such as SEO Framework, AIOSEO, and Yoast.

If you’re serious about ranking your content on search engines, you can rely on Content AI to assist you. However, it’s not an AI writer that will generate content on your behalf like other copywriting tools. So, if you expect it to work as a content AI writer, you won’t get that kind of result when you use this feature.

How Does Rank Math Content AI Work?

Rank Math Content AI Review - How Does Rank Math Content AI Work
Content AI Illustration

Rank Math Content AI works by providing suggestions to optimize your content for your audience and search engines. These suggestions are based on actual data from SERPs of your focus keyword. In other words, you are eliminating guesswork to help you write valuable content for your audience.

Rank Math Content AI Review - Content AI Button
Content AI Button

As you can see from the screenshot above, Content AI is integrated within the on-page SEO menu inside your post page. It’s right above the Rank Math Pillar Content checkbox. If you’re a sucker for a scoring system as much as we do, you will love using it to help you write better content.

But, as we have previously mentioned, it’s not an AI copywriting tool. So, you still have to write content on your own and follow Content AI’s suggestions to increase your chance of ranking for your targeted keyword. Based on our experience, Scalenut and Anyword are excellent tools for utilizing your keyword suggestions from Content AI.

You can watch this video below if you’d like to learn more about Content AI.

Rank Math Content AI Features

In this section, we will highlight all of Content AI’s features and how you can confidently use them in your upcoming post. Since Rank Math is the best SEO plugin on Earth, you can use this feature even if you are a free Rank Math user. So, it would be a waste to not use it.

Content AI Credits

To use Content AI and show you its magic, you need to exchange Content AI credits for a focus keyword. One focus keyword will consume 1 credit. Once you use it, there is no way to get it back. So, make sure to use it wisely.

After using your credit, another menu will appear right below your focus keyword. It looks like this.

Rank Math Content AI Review - Content AI Menu
Content AI Menu

As you can see from the screenshot above, you will see another score for Content AI which consist of a few elements combined together. Here is a brief explanation for all of them.

  • Word Count: Content AI will suggest the number of words you need to use in your content to get it ranked on search engines. This data is taken from search engines based on the top-performing content for your targeted keyword. If you’d like to outrank your competitor, you must write better content and provide more valuable insight to your audience.
  • Link Count: Although it may seem simple, having more internal links in your content helps to amplify your overall website’s SEO. Content AI will suggest how many internal and external links you should use in your post. One of the best practices we’ve followed so far is to limit our external links related to affiliate offers to 3.
  • Heading Count: If you’re new to SEO optimization, this handy feature will help you determine the number of headings you should use in your content. As a general rule of thumb, your headline is already counted as <H1>. So, you don’t want to add another <H1> heading to your post. One <H1> is enough.
  • Media Count: Generally speaking, valuable content without media isn’t sexy. Content AI will help you by suggesting the number of images and videos you should use in your content. You should always add a supporting image whenever you think something is easier to understand if there is an illustration. As for videos, usually, one video is enough. 

However, these suggestions are not meant to be followed as a template. Otherwise, you are risking yourself by writing content only for search engines. There is no guarantee you can rank on search engines just by following Content AI suggestions since no one truly knows about ranking factors.

Based on our experience, Content AI’s suggestions are worth adding to your content because it is based on actual data. In other words, your primary job as a content creator is to provide valuable insights for your audience by writing as naturally as possible while adding Content AI’s suggestions to your content. The bottom line is you don’t have to worry about the score. As long as you’re giving valuable content, search engines will automatically rank them for you.

If you’re a free Rank Math user, you get 5 free credits to help you write 5 high-quality content on your website. Honestly, it’s one of our primary reasons to upgrade to Rank Math Pro because you get 15 credits! So, we urge you to try and explore it and see how you can improve your content by following Content AI’s suggestions.

Keywords Suggestions

One of the best ways to rank on SERP is to add relevant and related keywords to your content. That’s why doing keyword research is essential before writing your post. There are various keyword research tools out there to do this for you.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could save time by knowing which keywords are relevant to your content right inside a WordPress SEO plugin? If your answer is yes, Content AI will provide it for you and inform you how many times you should add them to your content.

Rank Math Content AI Review - Keywords Suggestions
Keywords Suggestions

When we first found out about this, we finally understood what it means by keyword density. In fact, it was one of our first mistakes because we were targeting the wrong focus keyword and overdoing our content with duplicate keywords all over our content.

With Content AI, you can get relevant keywords in your content, headings, SEO title, and SEO description. For us, these suggestions are handy because we can view and add them accordingly in our posts. Moreover, clicking on each keyword will instantly copy them, and you can paste them into your sentences. Sprinkling relevant keywords in your content could never be easier than this.

Related Questions

If you’re trying to provide valuable content for your target audience, one of the best ways to do that is by answering related questions. Although you can find it on search engines, Content AI provides them directly inside your WordPress menu. Here is an example from one of our posts about affiliate marketing.

Rank Math Content AI Review - Related Questions
Related Questions

Depending on your focus keyword, you can find many questions to add to your content and answer them to provide valuable insights for your audience. These related questions are great in helping you to create an outline for your post or define questions for your FAQ section. In fact, we’ve been using it in many of our posts, and adding these suggestions gave us an idea to expand our content to provide better value.

Related External Links

When writing informational posts, adding relevant external links is essential to point out our audience for a better resource that is already there. If you have no idea which external links you should add to your content, you can go to the Links tab and find a handful of lists of related external links for your post.

Rank Math Content AI Review - Related External Links
Related External Links

As you can see from the screenshot above, Rank Math recommends adding the About or Mention schema when you add these external links based on your content. If you’d like to learn more about it, you can explore Rank Math Knowledge Base for About and Mention Schema.

Rank Math Content AI Pricing

Rank Math Content AI Review - Content AI Pricing
Content AI Pricing

When you upgrade to Rank Math Pro for $59 per year (excluding VAT), you will get 15 Content AI credits with your purchase. However, if you run out of credits, you can purchase them separately for a mere $19 and get 50 credits.

If that’s not enough and you plan on publishing lots of valuable content, you can opt for 150 credits for $49 or save more by getting 450 credits for $99. All the prices are VAT excluded, and your credits are valid for one year. Moreover, if you run multiple websites, you can use it as long as you have a Rank Math plugin installed on your website.

Rank Math Content AI Pros and Cons

In this section, we will outline all the pros and cons to help you decide if Rank Math Content AI is worth using or not.


  • Powerful suggestions related to word count, headings, links, and media usage to help your rank for your targeted keyword.
  • Relevant and related keywords are directly pulled from the search engine’s data.
  • Everything is built inside the on-page SEO menu.
  • It came with a free Rank Math license.
  • Affordable pricing for only $19 per year to get 50 credits. It’s a no-brainer deal for us.


  • It doesn’t help you write content like any copywriting tool.
  • Sometimes, you might find Content AI’s suggestions might not be relevant to your targeted keyword.
  • Since it relies on a search engine database, it might not work for a new product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the Content AI score and Rank Math SEO score?

In short, Content AI’s score is a score that defines how well your content is written for your targeted keyword. Rank Math SEO score is an overall score to determine if your content is optimized based on general SEO practice.

Can you buy Content AI credits if you’re using the free version?

Yes. You can buy it separately and use it on your website, even if you have a free Rank Math license.


To summarize our Rank Math Content AI review, you might have already guessed our answer if it’s worth using or not. It’s totally worth using. With all the benefits you get, it’s a no-brainer to not use Content AI to help you write better content for your website. 

The fact that you can use Content AI for free still impresses us as Rank Math Pro users. Furthermore, you can buy additional credits at an affordable price. This feature makes Rank Math stands out from the rest of the competition amongst other SEO plugins. If you haven’t tried it, we strongly recommend you install Rank Math for free and see Content AI in action.