Is AI copywriting worth it for creating content? You might have already known or heard about the recent Google Helpful Content Update that aims to banish all AI content.

Due to its versatility, AI copywriting is trending amongst bloggers and content creators. We’ve reviewed several AI copywriting tools or software on our website. Feel free to check them out.


In this article, we will share our thoughts regarding AI copywriting and let you know if it is worth it or not.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!


Is AI Copywriting Worth it? (Explained)

We think AI copywriting is worth it if it meets a particular condition. Firstly, if you’re a copywriter, using AI to help you write could save you tons of time in creating the first draft of your work. Secondly, using AI as a brainstorming partner would be worth investing in based on needs and use cases. Every AI copywriting has a competitive advantage over one another. So, we strongly recommend considering these conditions before paying or subscribing to a plan.

How Good is AI Copywriting?

Honestly speaking, AI copywriting is better than you would imagine. Depending on which AI copywriting tools to use, getting a complete blog post draft could be done within minutes.

Based on our experience and reviews, Writesonic’s Article Writer could produce nearly 1,500-2,000 words within minutes. Moreover, Writesonic could do it with just very little information. You simply put a sentence, and Writesonic will write and expand the topic by itself. It’s something that a human can’t do.

If we’re talking about speed, using AI to help you write copy is more than just saving tons of time. It supports you as a brainstorming partner for ideas and improves your writing style.

Take a look at this example of Rytr. With just a short input like this, Rytr could generate a blog section with 3 different alternatives with just a click of a button.

Is AI Copywriting Worth it - Rytr Blog Section Example 1
Rytr Blog Section Example (1)

Now, take a look at the result.

Is AI Copywriting Worth it - Rytr Blog Section Result 1
Rytr Blog Section Result (1)

In less than 10 seconds, Rytr generates 173 words. If you read carefully, you can use the content, too. We think this example is good enough for a free AI writer.

Is AI Going to Replace Copywriters?

The definite answer is a big no. AI would never replace copywriters because it will never understand the whole context. The previous Rytr result explains it best.

AI copywriting is not perfect yet. There are still some limitations, such as the inability to understand nuance and grammar. However, it is constantly improving and will be able to create content that people will enjoy reading in the future.

AI copywriting is not a replacement for human copywriters. AI writing assistants are a tool to overcome writer’s block and generate content ideas at scale.

Some companies use them when they need to generate content for a specific topic or niche. Digital agencies use them to create all kinds of content for their clients.

So, as you can see, Rytr’s answer could be used to answer this section of our blog post. This could not be done by AI. Only humans can understand the context of this type of writing.

Now, what if we use Rytr again to answer this exact section?

Is AI Copywriting Worth it - Rytr Blog Section Example 2
Rytr Blog Section Example (2)

Here’s the result. You’ll be surprised that Rytr also explains it very well.

Is AI Copywriting Worth it - Rytr Blog Section Result 2
Rytr Blog Section Result (2)

In this example, you can understand that AI will never replace copywriters because AI can’t write like humans. AI would never think about testing themselves as we did in our post. It’s a solid no from us.

Which AI Writer is Best?

It’s hard to give the exact answer about which AI is best. However, based on our research, we could summarize them like this:

If you’re wondering why there is no Jasper AI on our list, it is because we haven’t got the chance to review it. Even though many people say that Jasper is the best AI writer, we will never conclude it is the best. Why? Because we believe every AI writing assistant is built for a purpose. Although some of the features are similar, there is some competitive advantage in each of them. That’s why AI copywriting is a very competitive business.


So, is AI copywriting worth it? We think it would depend on how often you will use it for content creation. If you publish regularly, there will always be an AI copywriting tool that will fit your needs and use cases. For us, AI is just a tool to help us brainstorm ideas for our content.

Since AI still lacks emotion and understanding of context, you shouldn’t rely 100% on AI to write for you. AI will never replace human copywriters, so you should always rely on yourself to write better content for your audience. Why? You’re the one who understands them. Not AI.