In this List Mailer Plus review, we’ll explore one of the best safelist mailers for you.

Wait, before that, what is a safelist mailer exactly? In a sentence, it is a list of email addresses that choose to opt-in to advertisements sent by its members. You can think of it as a group of people willing to exchange email promotions to generate leads and sales.


If you’re used to email marketing and solo ads, you can use safelist mailers to promote your affiliate offers. We’ve tried several safelist mailers, and List Mailer Plus is the easiest to use alongside Instant Ad Power. You’ll notice why we recommend it in the first place once you see its user interface.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!


What is List Mailer Plus?

List Mailer Plus Landing Page

List Mailer Plus is a safelist mailer where you can send emails to all its members for free every 5 days. In a month, you have the chance to send up to 6 times of these emails.

With safelist mailers, you don’t have to worry about bounce rates or unsubscribers. Why? As the name implies, it is a safelist, which means you’re sending emails to people who opted in to receive emails from you.

How Does List Mailer Plus Work?

So, just like any other safelist mailer, you need credits to send emails. You can earn credits by viewing and clicking emails sent by other members. As you can see from the screenshot below, you will see a link inside that says, “Click Here to Receive Credit For Reading This Email.”

List Mailer Plus Review - Received Email Example
Received Email Example

Each time you open and click an email, you will receive 10 or 20 credits. Sometimes, you can earn up to 50 credits by claiming a bonus.

List Mailer Plus Review - Credits from Viewing Ads
Credits from Viewing Ads

Another way to earn credits is by login in every day. Every time you log in, you’ll see up to two ads. You can get up to 70 credits by viewing each ad.

One of the highest credits you can get is 100 credits—if you’re viewing and clicking an email from the List Mailer Plus Admin.

Once you have accumulated enough credits, you can send emails to other members by exchanging your credits. 1 credit counts as 1 member. The more credits you have, the more members you can reach through.

List Mailer Plus Free Features

List Mailer Plus Login Page
List Mailer Plus Login Page

As you can see on the login page above, the interface of List Mailer Plus is simple and easy to navigate. After filling in your username and password, you will see two login page ads like the one below.

List Mailer Plus Review - Login Page Ads
Login Page Ads

You can skip these ads and go directly to the membership area. But, as we’ve mentioned to you earlier, you need to view these ads to earn credits. We’ll explain this part later in the Free vs. Pro membership comparison.

Membership Area

This is the membership area. It is clean and super easy to navigate.

As you can see from the screenshots above, you can view almost everything on their dashboard, such as:

  • Activity Points
  • Email Countdown
  • Number of Downlines
  • Earnings
  • Top Affiliates of The Month
  • Top Readers of The Week

You can also view Recommended Sites and Banner Ads inside the membership dashboard.

What we like about the membership area is that even though you’re exposed to advertisements, you can still see them clearly without any problem. In other words, you are not bombarded with ads all over the membership area. Design-wise, we really liked it.


List Mailer Plus email system is right on point. It’s easy to use—even if you’re using it for the first time.

List Mailer Plus Review - Send Email
Send Email

As you can see here, you can Load Saved Email if you want to send a previously sent email again. This handy feature is helpful because you don’t have to spend more time writing a new email copy.

Just below that, this is what the message area looks like. This is where you can write your emails and format them to match your taste. You can also Personalize your email copy by adding a [name] function in the email subject or body text area.

List Mailer Plus Review - Message Area
Message Area

You get all the fundamental editing tools you need except one. You cannot insert your link in the body email. You need to put your link in the given URL area. This rule applies to almost all safelist mailers because it’s how you and other members can earn credits.

As you can also notice, you need HTTPS:// for your link and not HTTP:// format. You can submit a Rotator Link if you want, but all the links inside the rotator must also be in HTTPS:// format.

Pro Tip ????
Always click the Preview button before sending to look for spelling mistakes or typos inside your email copy.

Now, remember all of the credits you get from viewing other members’ emails? Each credit will be converted into 1 member. So, let’s say you have 1,000 credits. That means you can send emails to 1,000 members.

Generally speaking, it will take about 12 seconds of reading time before you can earn credit. But, if you click the Double Timer button, you can extend the length of your offers to get viewed by other members. This feature is handy if you have a video sales letter on your landing page.

However, to use the Double Timer option, you will need more credits, at least twice the number of available members to send, because now it will cost you 2 credits instead of 1 to send your email. So, make sure to use this feature wisely.

Email History

If you’d like to see how well your email performs, you can visit the Email History.

List Mailer Plus Review - Email History
Email History

Here, you can see the number of emails sent, clicks, and click-through rate.

However, the number of clicks depends on several factors and variables, such as your Email Subject and how well your email copy is. If you need help writing better copy, check our best recommendations for AI copywriting tools to assist you. Also, you can read our actionable email marketing insights based on our experiment on My Lead Gen Secret.

Saved Emails

List Mailer Plus Review - Saved Emails
Saved Emails

Here you can view your Saved Emails and improve your result based on previous stats you get from your Email History. You can save up to 5 emails if you’re a free member.

Email Inbox

List Mailer Plus Review - Email Inbox
Email Inbox

You can earn more credits by visiting your Email Inbox and clicking on the links from each email there. Moreover, you can also click on the Sponsored Listings. These are like paid Text Ads where you can directly view offers from other members.


List Mailer Plus Review - Buy Mailing Credits
Buy Mailing Credits

You can visit the Shop tab and Buy Mailing Credits if you need more credits. For 1,000 mailing credits, you only need to spend $4. You can also buy Banner ImpressionsText Impressions, and Premium Ad Credits here.

List Mailer Plus Affiliate Program

After signing up for List Mailer Plus, you automatically joined their affiliate program. Feel free to promote your affiliate link and put banners on your page. If you’d like to send emails to your subscribers, they did provide Email Swipes for you to use.

List Mailer Plus Pricing

List Mailer Plus Review - Membership Upgrade
Membership Upgrade

You have two plans for a membership upgrade; List Mailer Plus Monthly Pro ($12/month) and List Mailer Plus Monthly Ultimate ($17/month). However, if you’d like to upgrade, we suggest upgrading to the Ultimate plan rather than the Pro.

Why? Because you can send emails every 2 days with the Ultimate plan and save up to 30 emails. You also get more credits when viewing other members’ emails. Moreover, you can earn higher commissions at 40% when promoting List Mailer Plus.

More importantly, it’s a monthly recurring commission, so it would be great if you could refer someone to join as your downline and upgrade their membership. Otherwise, you can use the free version like us.

List Mailer Plus Pros and Cons

Here are several pros and cons to consider if you’d like to use List Mailer Plus as your preferred safelist mailer.


  • Easy to use and easy to navigate.
  • Free to use.
  • Affordable pricing plans.
  • Your email wouldn’t land in the spam folder.


  • Average click-through rates.
  • Active members are relatively low.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any List Mailer Plus alternative?

Yes. You can explore other alternatives, such as ListJoe and Rock Solid Mailer. However, in terms of user interface and functionality, it’s one of the best compared to other safelist mailers.

Would you recommend upgrading to Pro?

It would depend on how you want to use the platform to promote your affiliate offers. One of the primary reasons for upgrading is to send emails more frequently and showcase ads inside the membership area. If these benefits align with your objective, feel free to upgrade.


To summarize our List Mailer Plus review, we strongly recommend you use this safelist mailer for free. You can think of it as expanding your email marketing channels to more people with List Mailer Plus. Moreover, it’s good to subscribe to this platform because you can also learn about what other people are up to.

However, since you can only send emails every 5 days as a free member, you still have to log in daily and earn credits. Otherwise, you can’t reach enough members with your email.

If you sign up as a free member, you can earn 1,000 credits for your first email! In other words, you can reach 1,000 people with your affiliate offers and expect them to click on them. So, what are you waiting for?